Beauty is strength.
Beauty is community.
Beauty is acceptance.
Beauty doesn’t judge.

It’s inclusive.
It’s addictive.
It’s disruptive
It’s Sephora.

A bigger than life joy.
A wonderland.
A place of empowering beauty.

A place to explore the best versions of yourself.
The way you step in.
Is never the way you step out.

Here, beauty power is in our hands.
Now. Let’s spread it.
Not made
to be subtle.
It's time
to care.

My only rule:
no rule.
Embrace your
inner light.

#Sephora Unlimited Stories

With passion and purpose
any dream is possible.

The New Generation
of Beauty.

Find beauty
in balance.

Rethink natural, celebrate
inner beauty and be kind.

We invited four incredible women, the founders of today’s biggest make-up brands: Huda. Anastasia. Tarte. And Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.
Four inspiring careers. Four inimitable gurus who are spreading the power of beauty across the planet.


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